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The Schiek Model 1900 Ultimate Grips can be used for both pulling and pushing exercises and acts as a lifting strap, grip pad and wrist support all in one! Available in Black, Blue, Pink and Red. Black, Blue, Pink and Red are available in Small, Medium and Large. It's designed to provide support and improve your form during weight lifting and other workouts, helping you to maximize your results. Elevate your workout with Schiek Model 1900 Ultimate Grips. These versatile grips serve as a lifting strap, grip pad, and wrist support all in one, making it easier to perform both pulling and pushing exercises. With four vibrant color options and a range of sizes, you can personalize your workout gear to match your style and needs. Trust in the high-quality construction and design to provide the necessary support and improve your form, allowing you to maximize your results and reach your fitness goals.

3 Different Sizes available:

Small - Less than 6.5"

Medium - 6.5" to 7.5"

Large -  7.5" to 9"

(Measurement based on Wrist Circumference)