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The TR line was designed with commercial facilities in mind with features like converging & diverging axes, front & rear shrouds, & 4mm thick steel frames. Counter-balanced arms and cams are used to deliver the biomechanically correct resistance curve for a given exercise. Color-coded weight stacks, start-assist levers, and yellow quick release adjustment levers highlight the line’s ease of use.

TR Series

TR was designed to be easy to use for beginners, while offering advanced features that appeal to experienced exercisers, and to provide an effective and rewarding user experience. The ergonomic design of the equipment enables efficient, smooth, and natural exercise movements. TR represents reliable performance and stylish design to give your facility an equal balance of function and flair.

Stretch Bench Features

  • Exercise placard with 8 primary stretches
  • Oversized, welded steel tube construction
  • Bolt holes are discretely pre-drilled under rubber covers on all feet to bolt the machines to the floor for safety (required by manufacturer)