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Sync Up. Work Out. Get Results.

The Edge-Board trainer is a full-body extension trainer you can activate with your hands or feet for lunges, push-ups, pike-ups and 14 more exercises. Download the free M-Trac app for digital trainer-led workouts, or customize your own. Either way, you can follow the action right on your smartphone or TV, and track your workouts to see progressive endurance and strength gains over time.

Product Features

  • Full body, Extension Core Trainer
  • Digital Trainer-Led Workouts: Just download the free M-Trac App1
  • Removable Mobile Device Tray: Securely holds smartphone for training with M-Trac App
  • Flexible Steering: Curved wheels for arcing turns and non-linear extensions
  • Foot or Hand-Activated Edge Brake (patent pending): Allows for users of all core levels to start working out in accordance to their own comfort zone and build up their extension as strength is built
  • TPE Covered Wheel: Non-marring to the floor
  • Enhanced Traction Deck: Keeps footing solid & stable
  • Cushioned Kneepads: For added comfort & protection
  • Integrated Grip Bars: Ergonomically designed for better control
  • M-Trac App Broadcast Compatible: View on smartphone or second screen using Apple TV®, Google® Chrome®, Roku® devices
  • Home, Work, Gym: Compact & portable, fits right into gym bag
  • Add customizable workouts
  • Plank invader gaming: Do a plank while trying to destroy the aliens. Planking just got a little more fun!
  • Tracking workouts: Track workout times to measure increased endurance and strength over time
  • Commercial-Grade Construction: Rated to 300 lbs; tested to 1,200 lbs
  • 2 year warranty