Pro Installation & Assembly Service

We offer Installation & Assembly options from our professional team of experts who are experienced in the assembly an installation of fitness equipment. When you purchase fitness equipment, it is very important that you have experienced professionals assemble and install your exercise equipment so that it not only feels right today - but in the many years to come. 

Pro Installation & Assembly Service

We are fitness service professionals with many years of experience building and servicing every type of fitness equipment. We specialize in the installation and assembly of all types of home and commercial fitness equipment Purchased from Ultimate Fitness Outlet.

*We handle everything from Home Gyms, Treadmills, Ellipticals, Exercise Bikes, and other residential & commercial grade fitness/exercise equipment for your home or gym.

*We are Northern California's premiere exercise equipment, gym equipment, fitness equipment sales, maintenance, repair, delivery, and installation company.

  • Guaranteed "On Time" Commercial and Residential delivery.
  • Expert fitness equipment installation & assembly by experienced specialists.
  • Residential & Commercial Fitness equipment cleaning and maintenance programs available.


Excellent Service Guarantee

We offer the best customer service. We have fully trained and experienced exercise equipment specialist ready to build your exercise equipment for you. Unlike other equipment retail stores, We Build It Right from the beginning, This ensures you won't have to deal with unnecessary repairs or problems down the road stemming from improper or hasty assembly & installation of your equipment by unqualified workers. If you have a problem with your machine we will respond within 24-48 hours, 7 days a week . You choose a convenient 1-hour window to allow us to get to your home; no need to wait half a day or take time off work. Excellent Service Guaranteed!