How To Choose an Indoor Rower That Is Right For You

How To Choose an Indoor Rower That Is Right For You

If you are searching for such an exercise machine that offer workouts for all body parts while getting your cardio in then you may want to consider an indoor rowing machine. With so many products on the market today, how can you tell if you are getting a high quality machine that will last while at the same time not breaking the bank?  Here is an easy guide for people who are interested in buying a rowing machine for their home gym.

Considering the following tips that will help you make a better decision in buying a quality indoor rower:

Price Range:

Your focus should always be on quality. Remember, your intentions are to use the rower on a regular basis and thus quality is important if it is to last the test of time; so set aside a reasonable amount of money so that you can buy a quality product. Always focus on the experience while using the machine first and then match that experience with the economics that fit your budget. Many times this will involve getting educated as to what is available and what will work for your specific needs.

Folding vs. Fixed:

There are two types of rowing machines for home use; one is a folding type and other is a fixed type. Folding rowing machines occupy less space while fixed machines may be space consuming depending on whether or not you have space constraints.

Select the Type of Rowing Machine:

What type of rowing machine is another important factor to consider when buying rowing machines for home use. There are predominantly three types of resistance systems used in indoor rowing machines: Water resistance, Magnetic Resistance and Air Resistance systems.

Water Rowing Machines:

For the most part when it comes to a water rowing machine, traditionally water pressure is used to provide resistance. There are water rowers however that actually have a resistance lever on the tank itself, so that you can quickly adjust your tension on the fly, without ever having to get off the machine. These adjustable water rowers are unique in their design, as they are built with a tank within a tank, which allows for adjustable resistance - in addition to the resistance from the water. If you are interested in water rowers, the Viking II AR is one you will want to consider for its durability and design. These rowing machines are very smooth in action and provide excellent resistance. At Ultimate Fitness Outlet we provide chlorine tablets with the purchase of a water rower, which allows the water to remain clean without having to constantly change it out.

Air Rowing Machine:

In air rowing machines a flywheel is used to provide resistance thru a regulator lever which will adjust the air flow. Air rowing machines have a fairly efficient resistance system . They can be a bit cumbersome however as you have to lean forward to adjust the lever and in some cases completely halt your workout in order to lean forward and move the air flow lever in order to create more resistance. Another disadvantage of air rowing machine is that many of them, like the Concept II rower, produces a loud noise when operated. Many air rowers are also operated using a chain drive instead of a quiet & smooth belt which some have found annoying. It really depends on your preference and sensitivities.

Magnetic Rowing Machine:

Magnets are used in magnetic rowing machines for offering adjustable resistance. These machines are noise efficient and light in weight. They offer a adjustable resistance system that makes the rowing operation more effective and in some cases, the resistance buttons are on the handles for convenience, so that you can adjust the tension without ever missing a stroke. If you are looking for high quality product that provides you excellent resistance using a magnetic resistance, you will want to consider the indoor rowers made by BH Fitness, as they are one of the best magnetic rowers in that space.

All of the above mentioned are the basic types of rowing machines. Select the type with which you are comfortable with and will enjoy using in your home.

Check The Rower, Seat and Sliding Track:

Another important tip for buying rowing machines for your home use is durability and the construction of the rower itself. Rowers should be made of durable material and must have a comfortable, ergonomic handle to facilitate the rowing operation. In addition, the length of slide track and seat material also matters. Better check these things before actually buying to make sure you buy a durable product that will last through hours of rowing.  Make sure you try them out in the store for enough time that will make you comfortable in your choice.

Choose Quality First:

Always choose quality when it comes to buying a rowing machine, or any product for that matter. As quality brand machines have unique features and are more reliable than ordinary machines sold at your local sporting goods store. We have put together the following list of the models that we have found to be the best in terms of both performance and durability.

R300 Air Rower

LK500RW Magnetic Rower

LK700RW Magnetic Rower

S1RW Magnetic Rower

Neptune Challenge Water Rower

Viking AR II Water Rower

E-520 Water Rower

Vortex VX-3 Fluid Rower

E-820 Upper Body Ergometer


Usually the manufacturing companies will warranty their parts for at least 2 years, some even longer – the longer the better. When buying a rowing machine, check to make sure the store you are purchasing from will stand behind the products they sell and will back up the labor warranty provided by the manufacturer. 

At Ultimate Fitness Outlet we know how stressful the buying experience can be and that’s why we make it as easy and stress free as possible for you. Come in and try them out in our showroom and feel free to use them as long as you need in order to make sure you choose the one that is right for your needs. We will answer any questions you may have so that you are in a better position to make the right decision for you and enjoy the benefits of indoor rowing for many years to come.

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