Great Benefits From Low Impact Lateral Motion Trainer

Great Benefits From Low Impact Lateral Motion Trainer

Nothing beats the feeling you get from a great workout, when your heart rate is up, your muscles are sore, and the endorphins kick in.

Ultimate Fitness Outlet decided to test out the new cross trainer called the Helix Lateral Trainer with our clients. The results were impressive to say the least!  Users got an intense cardiovascular workout – and engaged some muscle groups they didn’t realize were there. And that’s just what Helix intended when they invented the Lateral Trainer. This machine delivers an intense cardio workout that’s low impact, fast paced, sculpts problem areas, and, as if that weren’t enough, it can be done in just 30 minutes.The Helix uses a patented sideways figure-eight motion to achieve core and aerobic conditioning, and it’s great for cross-training because the movement engages more muscles than traditional cardio equipment. Skiers, tennis players, golfers, ballet dancers, hockey players and other high performance athletes use the Helix as part of their cross-training workout.

Still, you don’t have to be an athlete to appreciate the Helix. It sculpts while you’re getting a rigorous cardio workout and that’s one of the most effective style of workouts..

Have you ever noticed that every piece of cardio equipment in the gym goes in one direction: front to back?

It saves time: The Helix delivers strength training-caliber results while blasting fat and calories. People who have used the Helix Later Trainer get the equivalent of a 60-minute workout in just 30 minutes.

Bottom line results: The machine’s new “lateral figure 8” motion puts emphasis on the entire leg, 360 degrees, not just the front and back of the legs like other machines. This means incredible results for the glutes and the inner and outer thighs. And it’s the only cardio trainer that works the core!

Zero learning curve: Clients don’t want to have to learn a new skill or check with an instructor before they try a new machine: they want to jump on and start working out. The Helix is user-friendly and completely non-intimidating.
Plus, there’s no doubt this 30-minute workout could easily fit into a busy lifestyle, and in a home gym the Helix can be stored away when it’s not delivering your workout rush.

Come Visit Ultimate Fitness Outlet Today and see for yourself how amazing the Helix Lateral Trainer will feel on your muscles, especially your thighs and glutes. We have one in our showroom for you to try out - you'll be glad you did!

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